How to promote a YouTube channel

How to promote a YouTube channel

Around the world, the profession of a video blogger is gaining incredible momentum. Housewives, travelers, schoolchildren and even retirees run their channels. Each of them tries on camera to become more popular or to make money from monetizing videos. Some people succeed, while others fail. In this article, we will share with you the secrets of designing, optimizing and promoting YouTube channels.

YouTube channel promotion

What videos can be shot for YouTube

— Sketches or played scenes.
Plots with funny situations, funny incidents.
— Video blogs.
The author of such videos can do anything. Making birdhouses, knitting socks, preparing meals, traveling around the world — in general, doing whatever he wants. And viewers watch this if they are close to the blog topic and like the content.
— Interview.
Most often they are held with famous people who have fans. Invite people who are known and interesting to your target audience as interviewees. Not everyone, but your potential customers. This will help you gain views and draw attention to your channel.
— Video reviews.
In this case, the author demonstrates the capabilities of any product (a new smartphone, laptop, vacuum cleaner, TV, heated jacket, etc.). It tells about all the functions, clearly shows how to use it and what it can be useful for.
— Show.
Any blogger can create a show if he knows how and what to do, has professional equipment and appropriate skills.
— Lets-play.
Such videos are filmed exclusively on the theme of the game. Most often, the author plays a game on a computer or console and captures the whole process right from the screen, along with his comments. And then uploads it to YouTube.

Promotion of the Lets-play channel on YouTube

Training videos.

They are embodied in the form of instructions and manuals, where it is shown step by step how to use any product or work with this or that tool or service. This also includes master classes on any subject (embroidery, cooking, hookah hammering, etc.).

What format is better to shoot videos for YouTube
Most users are now guided by the quality of the picture. Therefore, no one will watch videos with low resolution or compressed videos to the end. For the picture to come out clear and juicy, you need not only to have a good camera (not a telephone, but a professional one), but also to focus on the correct video format.

For example, MOV — Provides excellent picture quality, but is heavy. MP4 has a similar quality, but weighs several times less. As for FLV, this format has a very modest appetite for file size, but the quality of the video is seriously affected.

YouTube video format

Don’t forget about aspect ratio too. It should be 16: 9, that is, widescreen, like all modern monitors and televisions. The minimum resolution is 720p. And FULL HD is better. Ideally 4K.

How to properly design a YouTube channel

Of the design elements on YouTube, you can upload only the channel icon and header. Let’s talk in more detail about what they should be.

Channel cap

Its standard dimensions are 2560 by 1440 pixels. Such a plate attracts the attention of channel visitors and informs them about what videos they can watch here.

It is best if the hat is made by a professional designer. But you can do it yourself, provided that you own Photoshop and you have a sense of style and good taste.